Download the most full featured mission pulling add on to Anarchy Online.

MishBuddy Plus gives you the features you need at a very affordable one time cost!

With MishBuddy Plus you will be able to pull just the missions you need at any character level.

You need not have a pay account to make full use of Mish Buddy Plus.

MishBuddy Plus gives you many extra features such as:
  • Full nano list for all professions
  • Armor picker
  • Weapon picker
  • Misc items picker
  • Profiles to save settings for each of your characters
  • 8 skins to choose from
  • Level guide for teaming and PvP
  • Mission slider presets - pull the type of mission you want
MishBuddy Plus gives you these additional features for $ 9.95 USD
  • Hands free mission pulling
  • Displays the mission rewards for all the missions pulled
  • Shows the results in the same format as the mission terminal
  • Pick List of nanos for all professions up to level 60
MishBuddy Plus gives you many extra features such as:
  • Complete list of nanos for each profession
  • More lists items like Armor and Weapons
  • Profiles - giving you the flexibility to set up item lists for each of your characters
  • Further customize your profiles with a skin to match your character's personality
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